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Raccoons in Crawlspace Northern IL

Raccoons will eat almost anything including aquatic animals, fruits, nuts, grains, small mammals and bird seed. Raccoons are known for digging through the garbage cans in hopes of finding food. They are the most popular species of wildlife we are called upon for control. As soon as the animal is discovered living in the area, Raccoon control and removal should be initiated immediately. Raccoon Removal and control should only be initiated by wildlife professionals that understand the danger that these animals can present.

Raccoons living in attics or crawlspaces defecate and urinate which contaminates the insulation. These droppings can be infected with raccoon roundworms and present hazards to anyone touching them. They also carry rabies, distemper and mange. These diseases can be transmitted to humans and to your pets. Raccoons will often seek to gain entrance into our houses and outbuildings through attics and chimneys. Uncapped chimneys are becoming a more attractive den than the traditional tree hollow. They may plug chimneys and create a back draft or even keep their young in chimneys.

Often raccoons will tear off shingles, chew holes in soffit or boards in order to gain access into an attic. Raccoons are able to climb close hanging tree limbs to gain access to an attic as well. They also tip over trash cans and pilfer through gardens causing crop damage. Just to name a couple!

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