Bats in your Attic.

Removal of Bats in Attic in the Northern Illinois, Rockford metro area.

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Bats in Attic Northern IL

Bats can get into your Rockford metro home through the any small gap, as narrow as ¼ inch by 1 ½ inches. These gaps can show up in homes where wear and tear has created them.

Now you have Bats in the attic. An attic usually has exposed wooden beams where bats can grasp and hang. Attics are usually safe from predators. In the winter, the attic may even provide warmer temperatures than outside, making it great for bats to spend a cold winter. If bats move in for the winter, you may have to wait until warmer weather to have them removed. Call Northern IL Bat Removal experts 815-800-1224 for bat removal and bat exclusion.

If bats have been in your attic for some time, their droppings, call guano, will build up. Guano in the attic can damage wooden beams and ceiling structure and be unsanitary. Bats can be very beneficial to humans when they are out in nature, but can be harmful in your home environment. To prevent exposure, have a Northern IL Wildlife Professional inspect your attic especially if you suspect that you have bats.

If you hear scratching or squeaking in the attic at night or have other reasons to think that you have bats in your attic, Northern IL Bat Removal experts 815-800-1224 to schedule an inspection.

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Bat Removal

Removal and control of nuisance bats.

Bat Damage Repair

We repair damage caused by Bats.

Bat Guano Cleanup

Expert cleanup to keep your family and home, safe

Insulation Removal

Replace Damaged, contaminated insulation.

Insulation Installed

Blown, batted and spray foam.

Residential Bat Removal

Removal of bats and residential damage repair.

Attic Restorations

Disinfecting and cleaning of contaminated attics.

Continued Bat Control

Professional Bat Exclusion and proffing. We keep bats out.

Bats in Attic and home.

Bat guano cleanup.

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